1. How to Install Taskfeed

Ready to Install Taskfeed? 

Taskfeed is available from the AppExchange, where you can take a Test Drive, or your Salesforce Administrator can install Taskfeed in a Sandbox environment to start a trial or into a Production Environment.

How to Install Taskfeed in a Sandbox or Production Environment:
User Permissions Needed: To install packages: Download AppExchange Packages

  1. Go to our page on the AppExchange and click Get it Now.

2. Log in with your Salesforce credentials.

3. Select Install in Production or Install in Sandbox*.
    If you're starting a trial, we recommend installing in a Sandbox first. 

4. Click Confirm and Install.

4. Select Install for Admins Only. You can then grant users access to Taskfeed through the Taskfeed Permission Sets.

*Note: If you’re installing into a Sandbox only, the package is removed from your sandbox organization whenever you create a new sandbox copy.

During your trial, you can grant access to up to 15 users in your Org by giving them one of the Taskfeed Permission Sets available. If you need more than 15 users, just ask us!

Can't Install Taskfeed? 

Visit our Troubleshooting page for more information or contact us for assistance.

Deployment in Production Environments

If you started the trial in a Production environment, after 14 days access to Taskfeed is suspended until licenses are purchased and reactivated. All data previously created in Taskfeed is saved and will be accessible once Taskfeed is reactivated.

If you installed Taskfeed in a Sandbox first and would like to now deploy it in your Production environment, follow the steps above to install Taskfeed separately in your Production Org.

The Salesforce Administrator will give each user a Taskfeed License and a Taskfeed Permission Set.

If you’ve made customizations to Taskfeed in a Sandbox during your trial, you can migrate metadata configurations using change sets from one Org to another. Other customizations, such as Task Templates, will need to be migrated manually.
Contact us to assist you with data migration and Taskfeed deployment.

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