1. How to Install Taskfeed

Ready to Install Taskfeed? 

Taskfeed is available from the AppExchange, where you can take a Test Drive, or your Salesforce Administrator can install Taskfeed in a Sandbox environment to start a trial or into a Production Environment.

💡Who can install and configure Taskfeed?

Salesforce User Permissions Needed to install Taskfeed:  Download AppExchange Packages

Install Taskfeed:

Go to our page on the AppExchange and click Get it Now.

2. Log in with your Salesforce credentials.

3. You will be prompted to select whether you want to Install in Production or Install in Sandbox*.

4. Click Confirm and Install.

5.  Select Install for Admins Only.

6. After Taskfeed is installed, find Taskfeed in the Installed Packages section of Setup and select Manage Licenses to assign a Taskfeed License to each user who will be participating in the trial.

7. Next, select an appropriate Taskfeed Permission Set as there are different levels of access to Taskfeed.

*Note: If you’re installing into a Sandbox only, the package is removed from your sandbox organization whenever you create a new sandbox copy.

Can't Install Taskfeed? 

Visit our Troubleshooting page for more information or contact us for assistance.

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