Unarchive a Task from a Taskfeed Board

How do I unarchive a Task from a Taskfeed Board?

Taskfeed Tasks can be archived or deleted. If you wish to unarchive a specific task, you can locate it from the Board’s record detail.

1. From the Taskfeed tab, click on the board’s name once. 

2. The from the side panel, click Go To Iconpng next to the Board’s name to open the board’s record detail.

      1a. From the Taskfeed Boards tab, click on the Board’s name.

3. Click the Related tab (Lightning) or scroll down to the Related Lists section (Classic), and find the Taskfeed Tasks related list.

4. Click View All (Lightning) or Go to List  (Classic).

5. Find the task that has been archived. Click on the task’s name or select Edit next to the task.

7. Under “Effort”, uncheck the box for “Archived”.

Taskfeed Task's record detail From Lightning Experience

Taskfeed Task record detail Edit page from Classic

8. Click Save.
Note: Deleted tasks go to the Recycle Bin in your org. Items can be purged from the recycle bin within 15 days or until your storage capacity is reached. Learn more: Restore Items in the Recycle Bin

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