Adding Fields to Taskfeed Field Sets

If you create custom fields in Taskfeed Tasks or Taskfeed Boards, or you want to add existing fields that are not currently displayed on the page layout, you can add them to the record detail page layout but also in different parts of the application, such as the Taskfeed Task detail pane in the Taskfeed tab. Fields can be added to these Visualforce Pages in Field Sets, from the Setup menu.

Note: Field Sets are currently only configurable from Salesforce Classic, but once a field has been added to the Field Set, it can be viewed in Classic or Lightning Experience.

To add a field to the Taskfeed Task record detail pane in the Taskfeed Tab:

If the field already exists or after you create a new custom field(s),

  1. From Classic, go to Setup > Create > Objects > Taskfeed Tasks
  2. Find the Field Sets section below Custom Fields & Relationships

3. Click Edit next to Record Detail Pane

4. Drag the fields from the object palette and drop them into the In the Field Set container. The fields in the Available for the Field Set container are not initially visible on the Visualforce page. The fields in the In the Field Set container are visible by default.

5. Click Save.

To add a field to the Edit modal window in the Taskfeed tab:

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 above,

  2. Click Edit next to Edit Modal Fields

  3. Repeat steps 4 and 5 above.

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