3.1. Taskfeed Board Sharing Rules

How Can Managers see all of their Team's Boards?

Taskfeed Board organization-wide default sharing settings are Private with Access Granted Using Hierarchies enabled by default - only the owner and team members on the Board will see the Board and the Tasks in it. When Grant Access Using Hierarchies is enabled, users above the Board owner in the role hierarchy will also see their subordinates' Boards.

Salesforce Administrators can modify the Taskfeed default sharing settings if your organization requires to give certain users, or all users visibility and/or edit access to boards that they don't own or are not part of.

⚠️ As a best practice, we do not recommend changing the organization-wide default sharing settings of Taskfeed objects. We advise using Sharing Rules to selectively grant access to Taskfeed data in your Organization.

If your organization requires certain users below the role hierarchy, or all users to view each other's boards and tasks, we recommend creating a Taskfeed Board Sharing Rule.

The Sharing Rule can be based on who owns the Boar; e.g., all Boards owned by all internal users; or a Criteria of the Board; e.g., Board Type.

If you wish to give visibility to a specific group of people, you may need to create a Public Group that includes these users.

Defining Sharing Rules

Board sharing can be defined for an entire set of users in a Public Group via Taskfeed Board Sharing Rules.
Sharing Rules are created by the Salesforce Admin and can be based on Ownership or Criteria, such as field values.

To create a Public Group:

  1. Go to Setup > Manage Users > Public Groups

  2. Select “Users” under “Search for” to add individual users to a new Public Group.

  3. Click Save.

Now Create the Sharing Rule that allows this Public Group access to every board (or any other criteria):

  1. From Setup, type Sharing Settings in the Quick Find bar.

  2. Scroll all the way down to Taskfeed Board Sharing Rules

  3. Click New.

  4. Select whether you want to share based on Record Owner or based on Criteria.

  5. To select the users you want to share the rule with, select the Public Group where those users belong to.

  6. Click Save.

Examples of Board Sharing Rules:

Example 1: Share all Boards with all Users
Create a sharing rule using the default public group 'All Internal Users' to share with 'All Internal Users' then decide the Access Level.

Example 2: Share only some Boards with all Users Read-only
If we only want to share certain boards with all users then we first want to create a custom field on the Taskfeed Board to help determine which Boards to share. This could be a just a checkbox which the owner could check to make the Board Public.

When defining the sharing rule you will want to select rule type 'Based on criteria'. Then select the criteria as 'Public' equals 'True'. Then select to share with 'All Internal Users' then decide the Access Level.

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