Taskfeed Winter ‘18 - Release Notes

Taskfeed Winter '18 release (November 2017) is focused on key performance improvements, new features to the Task Inbox and a major announcement regarding automatic version updates.

Taskfeed Automatic Upgrades

As of this Release, Taskfeed will be updated automatically by default from now on. When you install the Winter 18 Version, you will receive version upgrades automatically as they become available, unless you opt out of this service and choose to upgrade manually instead.

Switch Inbox

The Task Inbox is a great way to get an overview of all tasks across all Boards. In this release, managers can now jump into someone else's Inbox and review and adjust their priorities, if necessary.

Access to Switch Inbox is controlled by a new Permission. This option is enabled for the standard “Taskfeed Super User” and “Taskfeed Admin” Permission Sets.

Note: When switching Inbox you are able to re-prioritize other people’s tasks. You may not see all their Tasks as they may be working on tasks from Boards you do not have access to.

Star Tasks in Inbox

The Inbox intelligently groups Tasks based on when they are due to start. Sometimes there are really important jobs that need to be front and centre. You can now “star” a Task to fix it to the top of the inbox.

Board List Views in Board Menu

Taskfeed Board custom List Views can now be used in the Board Menu within the Taskfeed Tab. This gives you additional views and filters from the Board Menu in the Taskfeed tab.

Create a custom List View in the Taskfeed Boards tab

See your Taskfeed Board Custom List Views from the Taskfeed tab

Other Features and Improvements

Enhanced User Lookup Board Member Support in Process Builder

We have seen many customers using Salesforce Lookup fields on Accounts, Opportunities and custom objects to represent the people responsible for parts of the process. These could be the CSM, a technical person, or some industry-specific role. In Summer ‘17 we have provided a new extension for Process Builder that allows you to map the Lookup Field on a Salesforce object to a Taskfeed Board Team Role.

Granular Security Enforcement for Actions

More granular enforcement when showing on-screen controls for actions such as “Mark Complete”, “Schedule Task” etc. Before, users with insufficient privileges would get an error message when trying to execute certain actions within Taskfeed. Now, users only see buttons and controls to what they have access to.

Archived Boards will be shown in Taskfeed if navigated directly to them

Archiving a Board Is a great way to clear up the screen and focus on the customer or projects currently open. What we heard was that you still wanted a way to see that Board within the Taskfeed tab. Previously, archived boards were only visible from the Taskfeed Board Detail view. Now when you navigate to a Board on the Taskfeed tab the Board will still show but be marked as Archived. Archived Boards are removed from the Board Menu to the left of the Taskfeed tab.

Task Contributor Alias grouped into field on Task for simpler reporting

To make it easier to see everyone working on a Task we have added a new field to Tasks which shows each of the Task Contributors. This is great for reports and list views.

Board Type is now displayed on Board View

The Board view in the Taskfeed tab has been redesigned to include the Board Type next to a Board’s name. You can now quickly reference the type of project when you have different boards for the same account, for instance.

Patch Releases:

Version 12.22 (Released 15/12/2017):

Performance and Feature Improvements:

  •  Improved error reporting when uploading and validating Templates
  • Upgraded the Template management UI for Lightning
  • Improved support for Queues to own Boards 
  • Improvements when Board is created manually or from the Board Edit Modal window: the Account now auto-populates when selecting an Opportunity record and the Opportunity lookup will be filtered based on the Account selected.
  • New option when creating or editing Lists to hide tasks from appearing in the Grouped/Due Date view.
  • The Warning Red/Amber highlighting of the Due Date in Board view is now configurable and uses working days.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixed in Task Inbox with Task view order when multiple tasks were due to start on same day
  • Bug fixed where the Complete Date was not being populated when a Task was completed on record create.
  • Bug fixed with the record detail pane loading overlay 

We love feedback! If you have questions, would like to make a suggestion or report an issue, please contact us at support@taskfeedapp.com

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