Archive a Taskfeed Board

Taskfeed Boards can be Archived or Deleted. This article shows how to mark a Board as Archived.

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Archiving a Board stops the Board from loading in the Taskfeed tab (or embedded views) and hides tasks from the Taskfeed Inbox. Archiving can be used when a project has stalled and the Board is no longer needed or it can be used to mark completed Boards as Archived to clear up Taskfeed Board menus and search.
This is different from deleting a Board altogether, which permanently deletes the Board record and its tasks.

How do I Archive a Board?

  1. From the Taskfeed Board Icon, select the desired board.
  2. Once the board is displayed, navigate to the Detail Pane and click the Edit button.

       3. Select Advanced Options.
       4. Check the box next to Archived to archive the Board. Then click Save.

Will I still see Archived Boards on list views from the Taskfeed Boards or Taskfeed Tasks tab?

There's an archived checkbox option for both the Board and the Task, but they are independent. When you check the box to Archive a Board, all the Tasks are treated as archived by the Taskfeed tab and Taskfeed Boards on the UI level, but tasks are not individually marked as Archived in their record detail. Archiving a Board serves to declutter the Taskfeed tab Board Menu and Taskfeed Inbox.

It is possible to configure Tasks to be automatically marked as archived when a Board is marked as archived by creating an automated process using Process Builder.

Find Archived Boards from a Taskffeed Board List View:

You can use the List Views functionality in Salesforce and also Reports to see a list of all archived boards from the Taskfeed Boards tab.

Create a Custom ListView to filter a view on the Taskfeed Board object by " All Archived Boards".

  1. Go to Taskfeed Boards tab
  2. Create a new list view (called “All Archived Boards”, for instance)
  3. Select one of these options:
Who sees this list view?
  • Only I can see this list view
  • All users can see this list view
Note: You need  Manage Public List Views permission to allow other users to see this list view

       4. Select Show Me: All Taskfeed Board
5. Add Filter: Field - Archived
                               Operator - Equals
                                Value - True
       6. Click Done.

       7. Next, select the Fields to Display: include "Name" and other fields that may be relevant to your ListView such as Type, Number of Tasks, etc.

 This will show you all Boards that have been archived.

All Tasks from archived boards will still show if you go to the Taskfeed Tasks object (it only disappears from the Taskfeed tab User Interface) and are not marked as archived individually. You can, however, also mark tasks as archived.
Archived Boards still appear when looking at related lists, search results and reports. Archived Boards still count towards your storage. The only way to get rid of a task or a board is to delete it.

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