What is the difference between Removing, Archiving and Deleting a Board?

Taskfeed Boards can be Archived or Deleted. Separately, they can be Removed from a View in the Taskfeed Tab.

What is the difference between Remove, Archive and Delete a Board?

  • From the Board Menu in the Taskfeed tab, you have the option to Add a Board. This means you are adding it to the current view which will stack the Boards on top of one another.  When you select Remove,  it removes the Board from the view. If you have one board selected it will unselect the Board. If you have three boards stacked it will remove one of them. Removing a Board simply removes it from the main screen in the Taskfeed tab. You can then add a different Board to work with. How to Add or Remove a Board from a view.
  • Archiving stops the Board from loading in the Taskfeed tab (or embedded views) and hides tasks from the Taskfeed Inbox. Archiving can be used when a project has stalled and the Board is no longer needed or it can be used to mark completed Boards as Archived to clear up Taskfeed Board menus and search.

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