10. Delete or Archive a Task

How to Delete or Archive a Taskfeed Task

Tasks can be deleted or archived. What is the difference between archiving and deleting a task?

Archiving will hide the task from the Board but keep it around for reporting and searching.

Deleting a task will permanently remove the task from the Board and from Salesforce.

There are a few ways you can delete a Taskfeed Task:

From the Taskfeed Tab:

  1. Find the task you wish to delete or archive from and click once on the task card to open the Sidepane on the right.
  2.  From the side pane, hover over the dropdown menu options and select Archive.
  3. Select Delete to permanently delete the Task or to Archive the task.
When a Task is archived, it is removed from the Board user interface but can still be reported on.

From the Task's Salesforce record detail:

You can also go to the Task's record detail in Salesforce to view more details and delete the task.

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2  from the Taskfeed Tab, as shown above.
  2. Click  under the Task's name to open the Task's record detail. 
  3. Click Delete on the page-level controls. 

From a List View in Taskfeed Tasks:

Another way to delete a task is straight from a list view from the Taskfeed Tasks tab.
  1. From the App Launcher in Lightning or All Tabs in Classic, select the Taskfeed Tasks tab.
  2. Select a list view from the List View menu and find the task you wish to delete (you can check if you have the correct task by looking at the name of the Board next to name of the Task on the list). 
  3. Click   from the task's cell and select Delete.

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