Integrate Taskfeed with Cases

This article shows you how to:

  • Integrate Cases with Taskfeed Tasks
  • Add the Case Number to the Task 
  • Automatically see Case-related information on the Task card
  • Create Taskfeed Tasks from a Case in

Note: Salesforce Permissions Needed:
  • Customize Application
  • View Setup and Configuration
  1. To integrate Cases to Taskfeed Tasks, the first step is to create a custom field of the Lookup type in the Taskfeed Task object that looks up to Case. Name the custom field Case or Case Number, at your discretion. Once created, a Related List for Taskfeed Tasks will also be displayed for a Case record on its page layout.

  2. To display this new Case field in the Taskfeed Task card modal window (the window that pops up when create or edit a task in Taskfeed):

    1. Go to: Setup > Objects > Taskfeed Task

    2. Select Field Sets

    3. Click Edit on “Edit Modal Fields”

    4. Click Case on the palette and drag the Case element in the palette to the Field Set page layout.

    5. Click Save.

  3. To display the case number or the case subject (or other relevant fields) on the Task card, create a Taskfeed Custom Label that references the Case Number. Here's how:

    1. From the App Launcher, go to the Taskfeed Custom Labels tab.

    2. Click New

    3. Create a Name that references the type of label

    4. For Record to reference, select Case (or the custom field name created in Step 1)

    5. Select a field from Case in the Display Field option.

    6. You may also include an icon and color for your label. To include an icon, refer to these icon names: (just click and copy the icon name displayed)

  4. Use Field Sets to control what you see when you click on a Custom Label on a task card, for instance, if you create a Custom Label to display a Case Number, then when you click on it, it can display other Case-related fields that are relevant. To do this:

    1. Go to Setup > Customize > Cases > Field Sets

    2. Click New to create a new field set

    3. Use the following values:

      1. Field Label: Record Detail Pane

      2. Where is this used? Taskfeed

    4. Save.

    5. On the page layout editor, select the Case object from the palette and drag any elements that may be relevant to you. For instance: Subject, Account Name, Case Number, Case Owner, Description, Status etc.

    A task can be created from a Case manually or automatically. You can choose to automate this process when a Case record changes, for instance when the Case is escalated.

    The Taskfeed Tasks created from the Case will also have a relationship to a Taskfeed Board. When you create a Task manually or automatically you must select an existing Board to include this task. To create a Board automatically from a Case or from another object such as Account or Opportunity, you can also configure this through Process Builder.  This help article guides you through these steps.

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