Delete a Checklist Item

How to Delete a Checklist Item

A checklist item can be removed from a particular task if they are no longer needed.

To delete a checklist item on the Board:

From the Taskfeed tab

1. Click on the task which contains that checklist item to open the task detail pane on the right-hand side of the Board.

2. Navigate to the Checklists section of the detail pane

3. Click the icon next to the checklist item you wish to delete and select Remove.

⚠️Using Task Templates?

If you no longer need a checklist item and want your task template to reflect those changes in future boards, Taskfeed Admin Users will make the necessary changes in the template's source file first. Then upload the template again.

These changes, however, will only apply to the next time the template is imported, and won't affect existing boards or tasks that have been previously created with the old template.

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