3.2. Opportunity Team Sync for Taskfeed

Role-Based Assignment:
Opportunity Team Sync for Taskfeed

If you work with Opportunity Teams, you can sync Team Member Roles with Taskfeed Board Team Members. This way, when a Taskfeed Task is created from an Opportunity, it can automatically be assigned to specific users within the Opportunity Team.

You can also assign users and define Team Roles across Taskfeed Boards, Tasks and Task Templates independently from Opportunity Teams. Adding Board Members in Taskfeed will not impact the Opportunity Team.

✳️Opportunity Team Sync is an add-on feature of Taskfeed which needs to be installed separately. If you wish to add this feature to your Org, please contact support@taskfeedapp.com.

Configure Opportunity Team Sync

💡Before installing the Taskfeed Opportunity Team Sync add-on package, Opportunity Teams must be set up in Salesforce for your Org.

Once Team Selling is enabled:
  1. Install the Opportunity Team Sync Add-on package in your Org with the link provided to you by our team.
  2. When the installation is complete, go to Setup > Installed Packages > Taskfeed.

  3. Click Configure.

  4. Next, click Role Based Assignment

  5. Check the Opportunity Team to Board Team Sync box.

  6. Click Save.

Configure Team Member Roles

Next, you will need to set Opportunity Team Members and Board Team Members, so their labels match. The team Roles you use in Opportunity Teams must have matching names in Taskfeed Team Roles so that members of an Opportunity Team can be assigned to Taskfeed Tasks by their role.

Opportunity Team Roles can be customized and configured to suit your business requirements:

  1. Go to Setup > Object Manager and select the Opportunity Team Member object.

  2. Click on Fields & Relationships and select the Team Role field.

  3. Under Team Role Picklist Values, you can rename, delete or deactivate any existing Team Role values. You can also create additional ones by clicking New.

Next, make sure Taskfeed has the same role names configured.

  1. Go to Setup > Board Team Member > Fields & Relationships > Role

  2. Find the existing Roles under Values.

  3. If those don’t match your requirements, click on View Team Role Value Set.

  4. Under Values: rename, delete, deactivate or create new values that match those configured on the Team Role picklist field in the Opportunity Team Member object.

Now when a Board is created and related to an Opportunity, the Opportunity Team will be copied as a Board Team. When additional Opportunity Team Members are added, they will also be included on the Board related to that Opportunity.

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