Customize Lists Using List Templates

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Taskfeed List Templates allow you to define custom default configurations for Lists when a new Board is created. When you create a List Template you define the List Names and their corresponding set of actions.

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List Templates are mapped by Board Type, allowing different processes to receive distinguished sets of Lists. 

Users with the Taskfeed Super User or Taskfeed Admin User Permission can create or edit Lists. Only those users with a Taskfeed Admin Permission can create, edit or delete a List Template.

Templates are first created outside of Salesforce using a spreadsheet, and saved as a comma separated value, “.CSV” file.
List and Task Templates are uploaded and managed in Salesforce in the Taskfeed Templates tab.

Create the Source File for the List Template

  1. Start by opening your preferred spreadsheet application. E.g. (Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets). 
Each column header will correspond to a field related to the Lists (1). 

The rows (2) will contain the values and settings for each of these areas.

Download a sample List Template and refer to our List Template Cheat Sheet to find what each field does and the correct format to use them in a template.

2. Save the Template on your computer as a “.CSV” file.

3.Go back to Salesforce and select the Taskfeed Templates tab.

4. Click New to create a new Template Record.

5.Provide a descriptive name for the Template. We recommend including the word “List,” so it can easily be distinguished from Task Templates.

6.Select List for the Template Format.

7.Select a Board Type to automatically include the settings in the List Template you want to use.

8. Click Save. The next page is where you upload your template file.

Upload the CSV File

9. On the left-hand side, click Choose File. Then select the CSV file from your computer and click Choose.

10. Next, click Upload and Validate Template File.

The template preview will load onto the screen.

11. To make the template available, click the Edit button and then, check the Active box.

Tip: You may optionally select this template as Default. By doing so, every new board created will have the List configurations defined on that template. 
Make sure only ONE active List Template is selected as Default in your Org.

12. Click Save.

The Template is now ready for use.

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