Select a Task Template Manually

Task Templates save time by creating commonly used sets of tasks all at the same time. Task Templates are perfect for repeating processes and for ensuring best practices. 

Task Templates can either be added automatically when a Board Type is selected during a Template creation, or selected manually when no Board Type is associated with it.

Add a Task Template to a Board Manually 

1. Select the Taskfeed tab on Salesforce

2. Click Create New Board or select an existing one.

3. When the Board appears on the screen, click the arrow to the right of the Board name.


4. Select the 'Import Template...' option. 

                   A pop-up screen will show all active Task Templates 


5. Select a Task Template. A preview of the template will be displayed. 


6. Click 'Confirm.' The pop-up screen will close, and the tasks will load onto the Board. 


Notice that Task Name, List, Category, Estimated Time, Start Date and other dependencies, including custom fields can be defined on the template. 

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