Taskfeed Spring '17 - Release Notes

Taskfeed Spring ‘17 focusses on a greatly improved mobile app in Salesforce1, Board Teams and Branded External Sharing. There are also many other new feature and improvements.

Salesforce1 mobile

The experience of Taskfeed in Salesforce1 mobile app is now more than twice as fast. This is thanks to some changed Salesforce have made behind the scenes combined with improvements to scrolling and dragging on mobile.

In Salesforce1 mobile there are new long press interactions for selected a a task. Touch and hold a task to select the task which will enable dragging. On a tablet the left nav will pop-open automatically when the task is selected, for phones touch and hold again to bring up the detail view of the task.

Board Teams (Role Based Assignment 2.0)

Taskfeed is all about spinning up repeatable processes easily and quickly. A big part of this is making sure the right people are working on the right tasks. This is now even easier in Spring ‘17 with Board Teams.

Board Teams

Previously adding a colleague to a Board merely shared the Board with that person. In Spring 17 we now have a new object; Board Team Member. When you add someone to a Board as a Team Member you can also define a Role for that person. When you define a Role that person will be automatically assigned any open Tasks that have the corresponding Role. This is a huge timesaver. Even better as you remove or replace a Team Member the Tasks will all unassign and reassign to the new member.

As you upgrade to Spring ‘17 Taskfeed will automatically migrate your existing Board Contributors to Board Team Members.

Task Contributor Roles

We have long had the ability to assign multiple people to a single task, we call them Task Contributors. Now in Spring ‘17 you can define Roles that will be responsible for a Task. Each Role will create a Task Contributor Placeholder, this is a Task Contributor which is not assigned to an individual. Now when a Board Team Member is added with a corresponding Role they will automatically fulfill the placeholder.

Roles within Templates

These are defined within a Task Template using the column heading “Roles”. Roles are entered in a single cell seperated by a semicolon (“;”), e.g. “Account Manager; Solution Engineer”. Each Role will create a Task Contributor Placeholder.

Opportunity & Account Teams to Board Teams

Many of you are already defining teams using the Account Team and Opportunity Team features of Salesforce. Board Teams extends these two two new add-on packages called “Taskfeed for Opportunity Teams” and “Taskfeed for Account Teams”. These packages include out-of-the-box syncing of Account & Opportunity Teams with Board Teams.

Custom Board Team Automation

Board Teams has been built so you can easily plug this into your own process. If you have a process where a Team is already defined through a related list, or lookup fields on a related object then you can use Process Builder to automatically add these people to the Board Team. We use these same hooks for our “Taskfeed Opportunity Teams” and “Taskfeed Account Teams” packages.

Branded External Sharing

External sharing is an incredibly fast and frictionless way to share your plan in real-time with a customer or partner. As of Spring ‘17 you can now define options for how Taskfeed will look to your customers including Logo, Brand color and Title.

All Changes

The following list describe all the changes made in Winter '17. These include improvements to make using Taskfeed a little bit nicer to use every day and a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

New Features

  • Pinned Boards: There is a new Board view in the left hand Board navigation called “Pins”. This shows a list on Boards that have been “Pinned” by the current User. This is great when you refer to a few Boards very often throughout the day

  • Task Copy: Tasks can now very easily be duplicated. Your admin has control over which fields are copied. When copying a Task you have the option to Copy the Task Contributors and the Checklist Items.

  • Lists can now be marked as Internal only. When a List is marked as Internal only the entire List will be hidden from External Sharing

  • Define Custom Notification Email From Address

  • Customize when the Daily Summary Email is sent

  • Embedded view now remembers its filter settings

  • Set Baseline moved to board Context menu

  • Search Board by Role

  • Select All on Board and List will only select visible tasks when a search is applied

  • Double clicking the plan bar will open the Task edit modal

  • Users initials shown in place of the default Chatter profile

Changes to features or behaviour

  • Tasks Created By and board Owner will now receive notifications not just the Task Contributors.

  • The default context of the right hand pane now shows record detail rather than the Chatter Feed.

  • User Interface changes:

    • View switcher no longer a pull down menu

    • Filter moved to right of header

    • New Board view options

    • Removed the “Currently Selected Boards” section

    • Task Card Layout

      • Due Date moved to top right

      • Chatter icon only shown when there are Chatter posts

Bug Fixes

  • Searching for a Board with an apostrophe caused an error

  • Unscheduling a Task in the Schedule Modal would not work

  • Fixed “script exception” bug when copying a board

  • Color picker NanNanNan bug resolved

  • Hyperlinks now rendered properly in sidebar

Patch Releases

11.6 - April 19th

  • New Task Inbox section "Tomorrow" and "Completed".

  • Rebuild predecessors on Delete

11.8 - April 28th

  • Modify the Log Time Layout

  • Manager Filters, filter Taskfeed Task List views based on Tasks where a team member is on of the Contributors

11.12 - May 12th

  • Fixed issue when loading a Board from Inbox view, will now load Board into the Board view.

  • Fixed issue where some customer with custom Task Owner assignment logic was causing Contributors and Task Owner to be out of sync.

  • Added support for Rich Text Fields being rendered in the sidebar. Note: Some formatting may still not be presented accurately.

  • Added expand Chatter option to expand Chatter from sidebar into a modal window.

11.14 - May 22nd

  • Fixed layout issue in header with Firefox

  • Fixed issue with Baseline being set on Board creation

  • Fixed issue with Due Date view showing Tasks ordered by Start Date rather than Due Date

  • Fixed issue with uploading templates that were exported from some version of Excel

  • Added Advanced section to the Task Copy screen

  • Beta: New option called Event Date Sync. When enabled Salesforce Events created and related to tasks will override the Tasks Start and End Date

11.15 - May 25th

  • Renamed "Files" section to "Attachements"

  • Attachments section now shows Links added in chatter

11.16 - June 20th

  • Fix issue with Plan (Gantt) view loading onto the first date in scope not the first date of the plan.

  • Fixed issue when Copying a Task with a Predecessor will now schedule task to the Dates provided rather than reschedule based on dependencies.

  • Attachments and Links now show contextual icon based on their source or file type (e.g. Google Docs, Salesforce, Word, Excel etc.).

  • Added the ability to define a Role when adding a new Task Contributor.

  • Attachment section now shows Notes added from Lightning.

  • New: Selecting the Chatter icon on the Task Card will scroll you to the Chatter section of the sidebar.

11.17 - June 28th

  • Fix improved support for macOS option to auto hide/show scroll bar. This causes scrolling anomalies including cutting off part of the last Task in the plan view

  • Improved Lookup support for Organizations with Salesforce Communities enabled.

11.19 - June 30th

  • Enhancement: When using the custom Visualforce Taskboard component the attributes RelatedRecordId and RelatedRelationshipName will pass this context to the new task modal screens.

  • During Template Import leading or trailing whitespace will be automatically removed.

  • Added Task Template Header alias' for "Start Date" and "List Name".

  • New option in Taskfeed Settings to allow Salesforce Orgs to opt-out of automatic upgrades. This is being put in place to allow us to re-introduce automatic upgrades for customer that would like this option.

11.20 - June 30th

  • Fixed issue where the Board Filter options returned the incorrect results for "My Boards" and "My Team Boards". These have been renamed to "My Boards" and "My Owned Boards". "My Boards" will show all tasks where the current user is a Board Team Member. "My Owned Boards" will show Boards which they are the Owner.

  • Enhancement: Included Tooltips for the Board Filter options to make their intent more explicit.

11.21 - July 10th

  • Fixed issue where embedded view would remember settings for each individual record viewed. This causes Taskfeed to freeze when being loaded. If you are impacted by this issue then please upgrade and from your Browser delete all browsing data.

11.23 - July 19th

  • Fixed issue where External Sharing view was being defaulted to the Inbox view and not showing any Tasks.

11.24 - August 8th

  • Shortened External Sharing URL removing the unnecessary /apex/

  • Resolved issue with Beta Event Sync feature not working as expected when rescheduling tasks

  • Fixed issue when a List was set to Archive Tasks they were not being archived immediately

  • Fixed issue were Inactive users were causing error when calculating Inactive Sharing

  • Fixed issue when Chatter notifications are sent when message is NULL. This was happening when a file or poll was created

  • Chatter notifications were not being sent to Task Contributors, they now will.

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