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Using External Sharing to Share a Board with Someone Outside of Salesforce

External Sharing 
allows you to share Taskfeed Boards with anyone outside of Salesforce via a secure web link. Boards with External Sharing enabled will generate a unique URL that can be sent to anyone and grants the viewer "Read Only" access to the Board.

Note: Your Organization must have External Sharing configured by a Salesforce Administrator first.

Enabling External Sharing for a single Board

When a Board is created manually, it is set to Private by default, but you can change to Public in Advanced Options. Only Boards which have been set to Public can be shared with people outside of Salesforce.
  1. Select the context menu alongside the Boards name, then click  Edit

  2. From the Edit Board dialog, select Advanced Options, then set the "External Sharing" field to Public

  3. Click Save. The Board will reload with a globe icon alongside its name.

  4. From the Board View, click on the globe to generate the Public link for the Board

5. Copy the link and share it with anyone to provide them with "Read-Only" access to the Board.

Tip: Use Bitly to shorten the URL or hyperlink a word or a headline when sharing Boards with your customer.

What is shared?

  • Board view

  • Plan view

  • Due date view

  • Table view

  • Taskfeed Board fields*

  • Taskfeed Task fields*

  • Checklist Items

  • Custom Labels

  • Taskfeed Category labels

*Field level security can be used to control field visibility

What is not shared?

  • Taskfeed Tasks marked as Internal only

  • Files

  • Chatter

  • Custom fields that are hidden with Field-Level Security

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