Taskfeed Winter '17 - Release Notes

As Taskfeed has matured we have followed Salesforce into seasonal releases and the first one is great. Taskfeed Winter '17 brings greater refinement and amazing new ways to work on customer projects.


The baseline in Taskfeed allows you to take a snapshot of the plan at a particular point in time. Once you have taken the Baseline snapshot you can compare your current plan to the baseline in the plan view. As shown below the baseline is an overlay on the plan. The overlay will be shown as green when your are on track or red when a Board or Task is later than planned. 

From the Board view the baseline status is shown as a Green tick or an orange warning symbol on both the Board and each Task.

Copy Board

This is required when projects may not necessarily be predefined as a template however there may have been a similar project run previously. The action to “Copy” a Board will copy all the Lists, Tasks and Checklists from the selected “source” Board. When Tasks and Checklists are copied they will be reset to incomplete status.

External Sharing (Beta)

This was previously called "Share via link". External Sharing has seen a few enhancements. Firstly each Board can be shared individually so you have greater control. Once a Board is shared the link will be generated which you can share with your customer to view the plan.

New in Winter '17 you can mark individual tasks as Internal Only. These tasks will not be shown via External Sharing.

Ready notifications

Boards are often used to track high-touch processes that involve multiple people. Taskfeed Winter '17 makes this even better with Ready Notifications. When a task is marked as complete if it has any dependent tasks then they will be all marked as 'Ready'. When the task is Ready it means the next person can now work on the Task.

There is a new option in the Task Inbox to filter to only show Ready tasks. 

All Changes

The following list describe all the changes made in Winter '17. These include improvements to make using Taskfeed a little bit nicer to use every day and a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

New Features

  • New: Baseline - Set baseline to snapshot the current plan. Baseline overlay option on the Plan view and Baseline icons on the Board view.
  • New: Board Copy - Copy a Board along with Lists, Tasks and Checklists. This is a great alternative to Templates.
  • New: Ready notification. Be notified when a task is ready. As the predecessor task is completed you can be notified that the task is ready for work
  • New: Filter Inbox to show only Ready tasks
  • New: Mark a task as Blocked. Red Blocked label will appear in Board view.\

Changes to features or behaviour

  • Change: The behaviour of the Today section in the Task Inbox has changed. Previously when a Task wound up in the Today section it would not be moved out. Now even if you move hte task into the Today section if you change the Due Date or in the overnight process its position will be reassessed.
  • Change: External sharing now must be enabled per Board with the External Sharing picklist. Options are "Public" or "Disabled".
  • Change: Individual Tasks can be hidden from External Sharing using the "Internal" flag. This can be set in templates using the header Internal__c and the value TRUE
  • Change: Sharing rules are no longer required to share Boards with the Taskfeed Sharing Services. No change is required if you have them, but you can remove if you like
  • Change: The pop-out links in the sidebar now load the record in the same tab, this is HUGE performance improvement in Lightning
  • Change: Add Template to Board is now an option from the Board context menu
  • Change: Print option removed from plan view. This took courage but it is almost 2017 people! Also External Sharing is a better way to share the plan.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug: Fix issue with only 3 contributes displaying on task card
  • Bug: Fix broken image icon when task is unassigned in plan view
  • Bug: SVG icon have been replaced so they load correctly in the embedded view
  • Bug: Security improvements based on an external third party security evaluation of Taskfeed

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