Create Custom Notifications

Taskfeed has great notifications that let you subscribe to specific events. sometimes you may want your own notifications to be sent. For example if you want to notify the person who created the task when it has been completed.

Creating a custom notification

In the example below we will notify the task owner when the task is completed.

  1. Open Process Builder from the Setup menu

  2. Create a New Process

  3. Provide a descriptive name, e.g. "Taskfeed Task Closed Notification"

  4. Select the process starts when: A record changes

  5. Select Add Object and choose Taskfeed Task

  6. Set the option Start the process to when a record is created or edited

  7. Select Save

  8. Next, choose Add Criteria

  9. The criteria we want it when the task is completed

  10. Provide a name, e.g. Task Complete

  11. Set Conditions as: Complete equals TRUE

  12. Expand the Advanced option and select the option Do you want to execute the actions only when specified changes are made to the record?

  13. Select Save

  14. Next, choose Add Action

  15. Select Action Type: Create Record

  16. Provide a name, e.g. Create Notification

  17. Select Record Type: Taskfeed Notification

  18. We now need to define the fields of the Notification

  19. OwnerID is the recipient of the notification, this will be the task CreatedById

  20. We must link the notification to the correct Board and Task, we do this by selecting the Board field then using the Reference Type to then select the Board value from the Taskfeed Task that initiated the process.

  21. To force the notification to be sent as an email set the Email field to TRUE

  22. Next we can set the notifications Title, Short Notification and Long Notification. These are used within the email to explain what has happened.

  23. Using the type formula we can build an explanation:

    Note: These values can be the same or you can add more details to the Long Notification.

  24. Finally, set the Notification Date as follows:

  25. Select Save
  26. Select Activate
This will now send an email as below whenever a Task is completed:

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