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COVID-19 Impact to Support:

With our products both being native to the Salesforce platform, we benefit from world-class infrastructure and security meaning we do not anticipate disruptions to platform access. 

As ever we are committed to providing our customers with high quality support across our various products. Our customer success and support teams will continue to support you but depending on how this global health situation evolves, there may be some reduced response times in the near future.

Our online resources are available to you to help support your use of our products to support your teams and customers.

Knowledge Base

  1. Trial & Test Drive 

    1. Test Drive
    2. System Requirements
    3. Trial Setup Guide for Admins
    4. Deployment in Production Environments
  2. Getting Started  

    1. New to Taskfeed?
    2. Setup Guide for Salesforce Admins
    3. Starter Guide for Standard Users
  3. Install & Setup 

    1. Salesforce Edition Requirements
    2. 1. Install Precursive
    3. 2. Taskfeed License and Permission Set Types
    4. 2.1. Assign a Taskfeed License to Users
    5. 2.2. Assign a Taskfeed Permission Set to Users
  4. Taskfeed Basics 

    1. The Taskfeed Tab
    2. Plan View
    3. Taskfeed Board Process
    4. Board Type Overview
    5. Create or Edit a Board
  5. Personal Settings 

    1. Add Taskfeed to my set of Tabs
    2. Taskfeed Personal Settings
    3. Edit My Personal Notifications
    4. Manage My Notifications
    5. Sync Taskfeed to Your Calendar
  6. Tasks & Subtasks 

    1. Working with the Tasks Menu
    2. Understanding the Task Icons
    3. Create or Edit a Task
    4. Edit Tasks & Boards within Detail Pane
    5. Taskfeed Categories
  7. Taskfeed Templates 

    1. Taskfeed Templates: Overview
    2. Prepare a Task Template
    3. Upload a Template
    4. Create a Template with Subtasks
    5. Precursive Summer 20 (v.16) - Board Template
  8. Board Hierarchy 

    1. Board Hierarchy: Overview
    2. Board Hierarchy Setup
    3. Precursive Summer 20 (v.16) - Cross Board Dependencies
    4. Assign Board Team Members to Related Boards
    5. Designing for Large Board Hierarchies
  9. External Sharing & Communities 

    1. Taskfeed External Sharing: Overview
    2. Configure External Sharing
    3. Share a Board with External Sharing
    4. Mark Tasks as Internal Only
    5. Configuring Field-Level Visibility in External Sharing
  10. Reports & Dashboards 

    1. Overview
    2. Access to Taskfeed Sample Reports & Dashboard
    3. How to Create Taskfeed-Related Reports
    4. Tutorial: Report on Total Time Spent per Board or Board Type
    5. Tutorial: Report on Email Activities within Taskfeed Boards
  11. Customize Taskfeed 

    1. Create & Customize Board Types
    2. Customize Taskfeed Lists
    3. Creating Custom Fields in Taskfeed
    4. Relate Taskfeed to other Records in Salesforce
    5. Adding Fields to Precursive Field Sets
  12. Process Automation 

    1. 1. Overview
    2. 2. Create a Taskfeed Board Automatically
    3. 3. Assigning Team Members Automatically: Considerations
    4. 3.1. New! Team Member Mapping Custom Metadata Type
    5. 3.2. Opportunity Team Sync for Taskfeed
  13. Data Migration 

    1. Prepare for Data Migration
    2. Mass Insert Data into Taskfeed
  14. Manage Subscription 

    1. Manage Taskfeed Subscription
    2. Manage Taskfeed Assigned Licenses
    3. Update Billing Information
    4. Release Communications
    5. Upgrading to Summer '19
  15. Frequently Asked Questions  

    1. Can we have more than one Board per Account?
    2. What is the difference between Removing, Archiving and Deleting a Board?
    3. Does Taskfeed Work on My Phone?
    4. How do I know when a new version of Taskfeed is available?
    5. Do I have to upgrade Taskfeed?
  16. Troubleshooting 

    1. Can't Install Taskfeed?
    2. 'Unauthorized Endpoint' Error Message when loading Taskfeed?
    3. Error: 'Type: Required fields are missing: [type]'
    4. Error when Updating Template: Insufficient Access...
    5. 'Parsing' Error when Uploading a Template?
  17. Release Notes 

    1. Precursive Summer '20 Release Notes (v16.0)
    2. Precursive Summer '20 Release (v16.10) - Critical Upgrade Actions for Administrators
    3. Taskfeed Spring '20 Release Notes
    4. Taskfeed Summer '19 Release Notes
    5. Taskfeed Summer '18 Release Notes
  18. Security & Compliance 

    1. Taskfeed Security, Privacy and Architecture Overview
    2. EU GDPR Compliance
    3. Discovered a Security Issue or want to report a concern?
  19. All articles 

    1. Manage Taskfeed Subscription
    2. Create & Customize Board Types
    3. Taskfeed External Sharing: Overview
    4. Add Taskfeed to my set of Tabs
    5. The Taskfeed Tab
    219 articles 

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